In the late 1960's, in the small farming community of Manson, Iowa, in the  North-western part of the state, four high school boys started a rock and roll band called "The Showcase".  This band enjoyed quite a bit of popularity in their region, and soon became a Manson favorite, often sponsoring dances in the Legion Hall and playing for over two years.  Then came graduation, and each went his own way for a lifetime, or so it seemed.

During this "lifetime", Steve Thornes began writing songs and playing with a couple of other bands, totally oblivious of what other former members of The Showcase were doing.

Almost half a century after their separation, two of these guys, 
"The Steve's"; Oberhelman and Thornes, reconnected via public media.  For a while, there was talk of a band reunion but differences and distances  prevented this from happening.  However, a spark had been ignited and those two began making music again through the magic of  electronic media! 

So, with almost 1000 miles between them, music began to arch across that void. A friendship rekindled; songs that had been written began to get played, developed, and recorded at each end of this "Thousand Mile Studio"! 

What you are about to hear are the results of this friendship and collaboration. 

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A Personal Note to our 'old' Manson Area Friends:  If you have any old pictures or posters or possibly even recordings of The Showcase, please let us know!  And "Thank You" for helping create so many warm memories!

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