Cover Songs

When "The Steve's" first started playing together (over the internet) we primarily played cover songs, as we did years ago.  This was part of the "learning by doing" process by which we began recording.  We thought you might enjoy listening to some of the first songs we recorded.  If you would like to hear any other cover songs we have, please vote below.  Much like "The Showcase" of 1968, we have a wide variety of cover songs, including Eric Clapton, Blood Sweat & Tears, Beatles, Johnny Cash, CSNY, The Doors, Randy Newman, and even Louie Armstrong.  Let us know if you'd like to hear them.  Also, if there is a particular song you'd like us to try, let us know!  We might just give it a shot....

And speaking of "that"....

Do you remember "back in the days" of AM radio, listening to all the hits on the car radio, or with a tiny, tinny, transistor radio glued to your ear?  The DJ might say something like, "And this song goes out to Mary Lou from her secret admirer."  Here's our question:  Is there a special song from your past that you would like to hear US attempt to play?  Is there a special person with whom you'd like to share that song?  We are now taking REQUESTS!!  But ONLY if there's any interest expressed by YOU ("YOU", the folks who signed on to be a part of this venture).  If you like this idea, we'll try to select one song monthly approximately, to publish for you. (but you MUST make suggestions!)  Please make them below.  Also, feel free to leave any commentary you'd like about this or any other idea YOU may have. 

Cover Songs

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