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Great News!  Both of our albums are now streaming live and available on the following services and stores:

 Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play/YouTube, Amazon,  Deezer, Tidal, and Napster with more being processed.

Click on these links to follow us on Spotify and / or Apple Music:

Lucky Thorn Music

Welcome to the LUCKY THORN web site.  We are so excited to have this portal to make our music available to you- to hopefully reunite with "old" friends,  to make new friends, and maybe even create some new memories for you.  Remember, most of our old memories come with a soundtrack!  We want to be the soundtrack in your future memories of TODAY!

Our main goal is to entertain and make our songs available to as many people as possible.  In order to do that, we are making them available to you FOR FREE! You can also DOWNLOAD them for FREE. All that we ask is that you sign up for our mailing list. (located further down on this page)  We will use the mailing list only to notify you of future news and song listings.

 To get this music here, we have invested hundreds of hours of songwriting, storyline editing, sweat equity, more than a few tears, and even some blood on the instruments.  What  we ask in exchange for our free music is that you share the links to our site, songs, or albums  on your media pages and ask your friends to do the same. Please don’t just “like us” and move on. Everyone “likes” everything these days.   We'd like you to be our promoters, AND our friends.  And to help us accomplish our goal.

Plus, if you enjoy what we have done here, consider putting a couple bucks in the “Applause Jar” (Donate buttons located throughout our web site) in order to let us know we’re doing something you like!  That’s the only applause we’re ever going to know.  Every musician will tell you that it’s the applause that keeps them going, so please “Clap!!”  And clap loudly! ;)  These tips will help us maintain our web site and allow us to get more songs "out there" for your listening pleasure.

Also, feel free to leave comments and feedback on our Forums page.  And please join our mailing list for notifications of additional music, including, possibly, even a song about YOU!    (If you haven’t already found one about you).

Thanks for your time and hopefully your support

Lucky Thorn

Featured Tracks

These are some of our latest releases.  We will update this portion of the website frequently, so keep an eye (or ear) out for new songs.  This process is labor intensive and time consuming but hopefully we'll be able to post one or two a month. 

These songs will all be available on the music page and in the store.  CD's are for sale in the store also.

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